[How to make delicious pumpkin stuffing]_How to make_How to make
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[How to make delicious pumpkin stuffing]_How to make_How to make

The pace of urban life is fast now, and many people’s bodies are in a sub-healthy state.

The blood sugar and blood lipids in the body are relatively high, and taking medicine is relatively high on the body, so many people choose diet therapy.

Pumpkin is a food used to treat blood sugar and high blood lipids.

In life, pumpkins are made into pumpkin fillings, which can treat spleen deficiency and regulate the stomach.

So how to make delicious pumpkin filling?

1. Cream pumpkin stuffing: 68 grams of maltose, 2 grams of salt, 15 grams of milk powder, 68 grams of paste, 1588 grams of pumpkin, 10 grams of lemon juice Steps: Wash and peel the pumpkin.

Cut into small pieces and weigh 1589 grams.

Steam the sliced pumpkin slices in a steamer over high heat for 20 minutes (cold water into the pot).

After steaming, let it cool down and let off some of the water vapor.

Mash the pumpkin.

Start frying the fillings, add butter first.

Then pour in pumpkin puree and add milk powder, salt, and maltose.

Medium fire keeps stir frying, probably 1.

2 hours, be patient!

Add lemon juice (fresh is the best) when stir-fried, mix well, and let it cool down before making moon cakes. If you don’t use it temporarily, you can vacuum it and store it in the refrigerator at zero.

2. Milk-flavored pumpkin filling: 300 grams of peeled pumpkin, 35 grams of granulated sugar, 45 grams of paste Steps: Prepare the ingredients, wash the pumpkin, peel the seeds, peel and cut into small pieces, put them in a microwaveable bowl or pot, and cover the surface, Plastic wrap, and use a toothpick to pierce a few small holes, then put them in the oven, heat on high heat for about 3-5 minutes and turn the pumpkin cubes into the pot together with fine sugar, first use medium heat, then turn to low fire, fryWhen the filling becomes thick, add mashed, continue to fry over low heat, fry until smooth, turn off the heat and you can fry this kind of fillings. When the water becomes less, you need to use low heat, and keep frying to avoid paste.bottom.