Li Chun Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Health: Light and Sweet
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Li Chun Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Health: Light and Sweet

There are a lot of folk reports about spring diet, and Chinese medicine has a lot of attention, commonly known as eating “spring”.

The beginning of spring is the first solar term in the year, which gradually rises, and the yang of the human body rises step by step. Chinese who pay attention to food supplement at this time often have the characteristics of Xingan divergence to make the body conform to the time.

What is the best health to eat?

  We found more “spring flavor”, as long as we have the action of “bite” we all have to eat.

Red dates and other spleen-raising sweets: The ancient Northwestern doctor Sun Simiao said: “In spring, the province should increase acidity and sweetness to improve the temper.

“Honey: Chinese medicine believes that honey is sweet and can be used to replenish qi and invigorate intestines and laxatively.

Spring Bud: Spring Bud Eclipse.

Leeks: The climate is different in spring, and the sun needs to be maintained.

Spring bamboo shoots: Spring bamboo shoots, known as the “first vegetarian food”, have been loved by people since ancient times.

Cherry: Known as the “first branch of spring fruit”, it is currently cultivated in many places.

Spinach: Chinese medicine also believes that spinach is sweet and cool, can nourish blood, stop bleeding, astringent yin and moisturize.

Spinach contains oxalate, which hinders the absorption of calcium and iron.

Green onion, ginger, and garlic: It is not only a good seasoning, but also an important medicinal value. It can increase appetite, help Chunyang, and has the effect of sterilization and disease prevention.

  Li Chun’s health diet is exquisite: light and sweet.