Reminder: Do not eat for two hours before practicing yoga
By: Date: 12/01/2020 Categories: MUwyryL

Reminder: Do not eat for two hours before practicing yoga

At present, in some large and medium-sized cities, practicing yoga is becoming the “new favorite” for some people to exercise and cultivate themselves.

Yoga experts warn that there are four issues to pay attention to when practicing yoga.

  Indian yoga master, executive director of the Asian Yoga Association, training director of the Chinese Yoga Tutor Training Academy, Vicham said that yoga can improve the health of the brain, spine, glands and living organisms, and boots increase vitality.

  The current popular yoga practice types can be roughly divided into women’s yoga, men’s yoga, children’s yoga and middle-aged and elderly yoga, which can be described as suitable for young and old.

However, Wickham reminded that when practicing yoga, pay attention to the following issues: First, yoga is suitable for fasting. It is best not to eat for two hours before practicing.

If you feel particularly obese, you can eat liquid food (such as milk) or snacks half an hour before practicing yoga.

Take a break for half an hour before practicing before eating. It is best to eat some fresh vegetables, fruits and soy products, eat a small amount of meat, and do not overeating.

At the same time, should not eat fried, grilled, irritating food, drink less cola and other drinks.

  Basically, the dress should be light and comfortable, with the armor on the body part, lifting and bending.

Take off your belt, jewelry, glasses and other items, practice barefoot, sit, lie down, kneel on a mat or rug to complete the movement. Do not practice on smooth ground to avoid spraining your body.

  Again, do what you can, and don’t compare yourself to others, just make your own limit.

The focus of yoga practice is on the process and not the outcome.

At the same time, do not take a bath within half an hour after the exercise to avoid cold invasion and affect the exercise effect and physical health.

  In the end, Wickham reminded that it is best not to practice yoga for children before the age of six, otherwise the reorganized children’s bone development will have a certain impact.